Born: 1944, 22nd of September, Santau / Tasnádszántó /, Satu Mare county, Romania

Marta Jakobovits is a professional ceramic artist, educated at the Academy for Visual Arts from Cluj. She has got her doctorate degree / DLA – Doctor of Liberal Arts/ at the University of Arts and Design in Budapest. She works as a free-lanced artist and gives lectures about ceramics and paper-art at universities as invited artist.

She had been elected as a member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts from Budapest.

She is member of different professional organisations: Romanian Artists Union, the Barabas Miklos Guild, the Hungarian Artists Union, the Christian Artists Europe, Rotterdam, the European Academy of Culture and the Arts from Rotterdam.

She has works in museums / Romania, Hungary, Slovakia / and in private and public collections from different countries.

Beside here one-man-shows she had participated at a lot of international and national exhibitions, symposiums and conferences in Germany, France, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Canada, Finland and Japan.

Awards and recognitions

  • The Prize FERENCZY NOÉMI of the Cultural Heritage and Human Resources Ministry, Hungary,2011
  • Diploma of Excellence of the Romanian Cultural Ministry, 2010
  • The Prize of the Ceramic Arts of The Romanian Artists Union, 2007
  • The Award of Excellence of the Townhall Oradea, 2004
  • The Award of the Hungarian Culture, 2004
  • Körösi Csoma Sándor-Award, 2002
  • Szolnay Sándor-Award, 1994
  • Research-Scolarship of the Hungarian Cultural Ministry, 1998
  • Research-Scolarship of the Soros Foundation for an Open Society - 1992
  • Honorable Mention - MINO '89 - Japan

She is involved also in organising exhibitions, meetings, symposiums for artists, leading workshops and courses for children and adults.

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